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Client Status Changes

You must notify the office of any changes to your client's health or any changes in their home environment that may affect their health and welfare so that we can work with them, their doctor, and with you on any changes in their care needs. 

You must report any changes in your schedule ex: client sends you home early or asks you to work at a different time.

COVID-19 Vaccine Requirments

Per the CMS regulation all staff must be vaccinated unless given a medical or religious exemption. Staff must provide proof of vaccination status or make a request for religious or medical exemption. See office for details.

EVV Log in & Log Out

Using the EVV system to log in and log out for every shift is a federal requirement. Not using the EVV can result in your time not being accepted and the claim not being paid. If you forget, have an issue with or need any help with the EVV call the office. Ask office for updated policy information effective 12/31/23.

Winter Safety

Winter is here! With winter comes cold, snow and ice. 

  • Wear appropriate clothing to stay warm. Hats, gloves, coats and boots. In severe cold wear layers.   

  • Sprinkle cat litter, sand or de icer on icy patches on the ground to prevent falling.

  •  Spend short amount of time outdoors. 

  • Don't leave fireplace or space heaters unattended. Also keep heaters away from flammable objects. 

First Aid & CPR

Aide staff are required to have first aide training & CPR training per state requirements. EJQ offers training. Training is limited and only available at specific times. IF you miss training you are required to get the certification on your own at your expense. Please contact the office regarding training dates.

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