Client Status Changes

You must notify the office of any changes to your client's health or any changes in their home environment that may affect their health and welfare. It is very important that we are kept informed so that we can work with them, their doctor, and with you on any changes in their care. 

Staff should be taking the temperature of the client at the start of their shift. Report any temperatures above 100 degrees. 

If a client reports that they are being tested for Covid 19 you must report to the office- this is a Health Dept regulation.

Personal Protective Items

Hand Sanitizer is available at the office. Please save the bottle to refill it at the office when you run out. This is for use when you are unable to wash your hands, but hand washing is still the best way to prevent the spread of germs and virus. 

Masks and face shields are available for staff and clients. 

New Hire Referral Bonus

                               We are hiring!

If you refer a new employee to E.J.Q. and they are hired and work for 60days, you will both receive a $50 bonus. So tell your friends, family and neighbors that we are hiring!


COVID-19 & Flu Protocol

As always Universal Precautions are the best defense. Wear your gloves when providing personal care and doing laundry. Wash your hands upon arriving and before leaving the client's home and throughout the day. If you cannot wash with soap and water, use hand sanitizer. A face mask is necessary at this time. Report flu symptoms to the office immediately (fever, chills, cough, body aches, headache, congestion, runny nose, fatigue). Do not go to a client's home with any symptoms, contact the office.  

If any clients test positive for any virus you will be notified of the appropriate actions that are being taken. 

All staff should take their temperature before going to work -do not go to work if you have a temp above 100 degrees.

If you are tested for Covid 19 you must report the date and reason to the office immediately per Health Department regulations for all health care workers.

Staff should continue to wear masks in client's homes and when going out in the public.

Encourage your clients to wear a mask or face shield when you are providing their care and if they leave their home or have visitor.

Thank you to all EJQ staff for excellence in services and loyalty to clients! 

440-323-7004 phone      
440-322-4051 fax

Monday -  Thursday     8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Friday - Sunday               Office is Closed

On-call available when office is closed. Call 440-323-7004

Staff- Please read "Staff News" for important information

--Face Masks are required to enter our office location--

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