EVV Update

Remember- at times if you cannot log in or out or get verification. Always notify the office, do not wait call immediately!

We are still seeing a lot of staff who are only doing one half of the log in or log out. You must log in at the start of the shift and log out at the end. Slow down when logging in and out to ensure that you are completing the process. 


Winter is Here

As a reminder we do NOT shovel driveways or walkways at client's homes while working.

Be prepared for possible snow and cold:

  • Remind your clients to have emergency supplies and to get their flu shot if they haven't yet.

  • Give yourself extra drive time when the weather is bad and drive with caution. 

  • Dress for the weather, where layers so you can layer down or up depending on how warm the client's home is. 

Staff News Drawing

Don't forget that we are doing a drawing for checking out this page on our website each month. This is a fun incentive to keep you posted on what we have going on. Remember to make a note on the back of your pay sheet about something that you read in "Staff News". 

Paperwork & Payroll

We notified everyone thru a memo, this Staff News page and by posting signs on the office door and at the front desk that paperwork for the 2 holiday weeks was due on Sunday by 10am. Anyone turning in paperwork Monday or later were considered late and will not be paid for that week until the next pay cycle. The billing had to be processed early due to the holiday hours at the state office. If you are unsure of how this affects you please call the office.

440-323-7004 phone      
440-322-4051 fax

Monday -  Thursday     8:00 am - 4:30 pm
Friday - Sunday               Office is Closed

On-call available when office is closed. Call 440-323-7004.

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